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So if you haven't been under a rock lately you may have heard that Drew Barrymore has been in Michigan filming her directorial debut WHIP IT! and although I never had the chance to snag a speaking role, I did get booked as an extra for 9 whole days and one more to go.

It has been a fantastic experience and I am certainly glad that I was able to be a part of this film. The world of fake derby is so much fun I am really looking forward to going to some real bouts in the near future. Many of the local derby girls are featured and got to keep their derby names in the film which for some reason makes ME super excited even though it has nothing to do with me. I suppose it's the whole if-it-were-me scenario.... Me me me. Ahem. So anyhow, Support the film when it comes out, of course, because Drew and company are just awesome to work for and be around and the Detroit Derby Girls and
Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are going to make a big splash in it... and you just may catch me a dozen times or so in the crowd scenes... and some not so crowded scenes.