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So good this year. January hasn't even disappeared yet and I am thrilled to announce I've been signed with The i Group, Cast in the upcoming short "Nikki & Eli" and just shot a part in a Music Video yesterday (More on that in March).

Two Projects I did extra bits on are premiering soon, Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime, Saturday January 24th and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story on TNT, Saturday February 7th. On both there is plenty on Michigan talent both on and off the screen. And you'll get to see plenty of familiar sites in both. Not only that, but both are based on true stories that are extremely compelling, I may not have had a big part but I am very honored to have gotten to be a part of them.

And just in case my family is reading this, I know they'll want to know what scenes to look for... in Prayers for Bobby, I was part of the courtroom scene, outside and inside. On Gifted Hands, I was in the early scenes showing Ben Carson as a young boy at the D.I.A. and Detroit Public Library... Look for the red head with the giant french twist helmet of hair. ^_^