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I guess the title says it all huh......

Last night was very cool/strange/draining/fun/ anything else I can throw in there. After the screenings, which my soon to be in-laws attended (Thanks for the support Montie, Pinkie and Eric, Love you!) along with the Team, we bumbled our way over to the DIA to figure out who was or wasn't going to go in for the awards.

There was some confusion. I won't go into it.

Anyhow, A.E.G., Shirley, Blake and myself all got in ... eventually. Starving and crabby as all get out from lack of food, sleep and water (we shot a music video all day Saturday) They could not keep me off of the hors d'oeuvres for the next hour (or possibly longer, I had no concept of time) I eventually planted myself right next to the door the waiters were flowing out of and flagged them down enthusiastically, giggling like a little school girl and exclaiming things like "My mouth has never been so happy" and "Oh my God this is the best thing I've ever had ever."

Seriously, I don't know if it was because I was so hungry or that these little morsels were really THAT good.... I was eating braised beef on mushroom caps and freaking out about the yumminess and I don't even like mushrooms.

All in all it was good times. I met a ton of great people and sat in one of the coolest rooms I ever did see. Horrible for showing films due to the roof being entirely glass and it was not yet dark, but still.... cool.

Stay tuned for the online debut of "The Aftermath"


Do I have anything to show besides RED SEVEN? Well I do now! I have been working steadily since my RED SEVEN comeback, but we all know how films go. You shoot, the months fly by and Lord knows when and where it'll be seen. So you just keep going and going, energizer bunny style, acting your fluffy tail off and charging ahead.

With that said, I'm pleased to announce the next thing you'll see me in is called "The Aftermath" which was made just this past weekend for the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival 48 Hour Challenge. Team with No Name consisted of Anthony E. Griffin, Ben Wilke, Shirley Clemens, Mark A. France, Blake Jennings and myself. With a little help from our friends (Jeff Priskorn and Jacquie Floyd) we knocked this challenge out of the park having a blast along the way.

It's not every day you get to shoot a film in the midst of a hailstorm and get attacked by a bum.... ah sweet sweet Detroit. How I love you.

If you're into it here's the info:

And the links to all my wonderful teammates: