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I should not have left you! This year has been quite a journey in film for me, from more challenging indie roles to being on multiple "big budget" sets as an extra. I can only hope that the new year will bring opportunity to move above and beyond that which I have had this year.

My reel is being re-tweaked courtesy of the multi-talented Ben Wilke of Deep End Films, who did a wonderful job but has to deal with my extremely picky actory ways. The new edit of PLAYBACK, which was nominated at Project Twenty1 this year for "Best Acting", is now online. And I have just wrapped on what should be the last of some 15+ projects I've done this year this past weekend. A wonderful little short called "First Day" which afforded me the opportunity to branch out and work with some local people I have yet to previously.

I am now also nearly, signed with the top 3 agencies in Michigan and look forward to building a solid relationship with all of them. I am glad amongst the hoard of hopefuls, that my work thus far is being seen and getting noticed. That's all I ever really wanted. ^_^