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It's finally March 17th, and instead of being all St. Patrick's Day crazed, I am super excited to announce that the new album from "Twiztid" titled "W.I.C.K.E.D." is out today. Why, you may ask, is this exciting news for me to announce? Because on this CD is one of two new videos from the group and I am in it. And my lovely and talented friend Karri Farris did the makeup and FX on the shoot. (with Stephanie Arble, aka, Shorty, whom I do not have a site link for) I make a brief yet disgusting appearance as a victim of a very demented freak of a man played by Monoxide. This video is not for the faint of heart or those who are all gumdrops and sunshine. I must warn you that if you DO want to see it and go all "Oh look, there's Gracie!" it is gruesome and disturbing. Though, oddly enough not to me. I think making films for this long and being a part of some pretty gory scenes has totally desensitized me to this level of "fake" violence. I tried to care that the images weren't awful to me but I just kinda went, Eh and shrugged it off.

I'd be concerned if I reacted this way to real life situations that are horrific, but alas, those still very much affect me. Films or Video though.... I guess to do it sometimes you have to grow a very thick skin about it. Now if I could just have that thick skin for every other scenario you need it for in this business, I'm all set.

I'd much rather everyone go out and support the group by buying the album to see said video but I realize that you'll all be quite miffed if I yap about it and don't post a link. So, here you go, but if you do enjoy it please go out and buy the CD.

Twiztid "HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

One of the other links to this has nearly 8,000 views already! (but you have to log in to see it, flagged for content... see, I told you ^_^)  All extreme violence aside, this was one fun shoot for me. I'd be thrilled to pieces if I could do more like that, it was painless, a breeze, everything you want in a shoot as an actor. And as a fan it was that much more exciting for me. Now I'm off to finish up the short film "Nikki & Eli" and I just in the course of writing this blog got booked for Friday on the set of "Betty Anne Waters" (extra work, but hey, it's work). More news and goodies as this year unfolds, Thank you all for your continued support!!!


So good this year. January hasn't even disappeared yet and I am thrilled to announce I've been signed with The i Group, Cast in the upcoming short "Nikki & Eli" and just shot a part in a Music Video yesterday (More on that in March).

Two Projects I did extra bits on are premiering soon, Prayers for Bobby on Lifetime, Saturday January 24th and Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story on TNT, Saturday February 7th. On both there is plenty on Michigan talent both on and off the screen. And you'll get to see plenty of familiar sites in both. Not only that, but both are based on true stories that are extremely compelling, I may not have had a big part but I am very honored to have gotten to be a part of them.

And just in case my family is reading this, I know they'll want to know what scenes to look for... in Prayers for Bobby, I was part of the courtroom scene, outside and inside. On Gifted Hands, I was in the early scenes showing Ben Carson as a young boy at the D.I.A. and Detroit Public Library... Look for the red head with the giant french twist helmet of hair. ^_^


I should not have left you! This year has been quite a journey in film for me, from more challenging indie roles to being on multiple "big budget" sets as an extra. I can only hope that the new year will bring opportunity to move above and beyond that which I have had this year.

My reel is being re-tweaked courtesy of the multi-talented Ben Wilke of Deep End Films, who did a wonderful job but has to deal with my extremely picky actory ways. The new edit of PLAYBACK, which was nominated at Project Twenty1 this year for "Best Acting", is now online. And I have just wrapped on what should be the last of some 15+ projects I've done this year this past weekend. A wonderful little short called "First Day" which afforded me the opportunity to branch out and work with some local people I have yet to previously.

I am now also nearly, signed with the top 3 agencies in Michigan and look forward to building a solid relationship with all of them. I am glad amongst the hoard of hopefuls, that my work thus far is being seen and getting noticed. That's all I ever really wanted. ^_^


So if you haven't been under a rock lately you may have heard that Drew Barrymore has been in Michigan filming her directorial debut WHIP IT! and although I never had the chance to snag a speaking role, I did get booked as an extra for 9 whole days and one more to go.

It has been a fantastic experience and I am certainly glad that I was able to be a part of this film. The world of fake derby is so much fun I am really looking forward to going to some real bouts in the near future. Many of the local derby girls are featured and got to keep their derby names in the film which for some reason makes ME super excited even though it has nothing to do with me. I suppose it's the whole if-it-were-me scenario.... Me me me. Ahem. So anyhow, Support the film when it comes out, of course, because Drew and company are just awesome to work for and be around and the Detroit Derby Girls and
Grand Raggidy Roller Girls are going to make a big splash in it... and you just may catch me a dozen times or so in the crowd scenes... and some not so crowded scenes.


The final version of "The Aftermath" is now online, you can see it here on my page or wander on over to Youtube- The Aftermath
to comment on it or see it larger then what is presented here.

I am hoping that I convince the rest of the team we need to put out:
"The Aftermath- Outtakes and Bloopers"

Onto the latest, I just wrapped shooting a competition video for the new Moby song "Ooh Yeah" with Anthony E. Griffin of UnSAFE Film Office. It was my wacky idea to do it, it was his brilliant idea to make it all happen. I will be sure to post it here when it's finished, which will be before July 14th.... because that is the contest deadline.

With that I am off on Saturday to shoot with Mike Madigan of Five Clover Films for the Dendura music video "Lady of War" I am really looking forward to it. New people, new adventures, my hair and make-up done by someone other then me, pinch me I must be dreaming!

The following week I will be making an extra appearance on the set of a new ABC Pilot "The Prince of Motor City" To say I enjoy being on big budget sets is a total understatement. I love it so much I get mad when after 12 hours I have to go home. Being an extra isn't always the most glamorous job but I could sit there forever soaking up all the knowledge and watching people work. And they feed me. Who could ask for anything more? Oh, I could... Lines. But hey, I'm working on it. Stay Tuned!


I guess the title says it all huh......

Last night was very cool/strange/draining/fun/ anything else I can throw in there. After the screenings, which my soon to be in-laws attended (Thanks for the support Montie, Pinkie and Eric, Love you!) along with the Team, we bumbled our way over to the DIA to figure out who was or wasn't going to go in for the awards.

There was some confusion. I won't go into it.

Anyhow, A.E.G., Shirley, Blake and myself all got in ... eventually. Starving and crabby as all get out from lack of food, sleep and water (we shot a music video all day Saturday) They could not keep me off of the hors d'oeuvres for the next hour (or possibly longer, I had no concept of time) I eventually planted myself right next to the door the waiters were flowing out of and flagged them down enthusiastically, giggling like a little school girl and exclaiming things like "My mouth has never been so happy" and "Oh my God this is the best thing I've ever had ever."

Seriously, I don't know if it was because I was so hungry or that these little morsels were really THAT good.... I was eating braised beef on mushroom caps and freaking out about the yumminess and I don't even like mushrooms.

All in all it was good times. I met a ton of great people and sat in one of the coolest rooms I ever did see. Horrible for showing films due to the roof being entirely glass and it was not yet dark, but still.... cool.

Stay tuned for the online debut of "The Aftermath"


Do I have anything to show besides RED SEVEN? Well I do now! I have been working steadily since my RED SEVEN comeback, but we all know how films go. You shoot, the months fly by and Lord knows when and where it'll be seen. So you just keep going and going, energizer bunny style, acting your fluffy tail off and charging ahead.

With that said, I'm pleased to announce the next thing you'll see me in is called "The Aftermath" which was made just this past weekend for the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival 48 Hour Challenge. Team with No Name consisted of Anthony E. Griffin, Ben Wilke, Shirley Clemens, Mark A. France, Blake Jennings and myself. With a little help from our friends (Jeff Priskorn and Jacquie Floyd) we knocked this challenge out of the park having a blast along the way.

It's not every day you get to shoot a film in the midst of a hailstorm and get attacked by a bum.... ah sweet sweet Detroit. How I love you.

If you're into it here's the info:

And the links to all my wonderful teammates: