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It's finally March 17th, and instead of being all St. Patrick's Day crazed, I am super excited to announce that the new album from "Twiztid" titled "W.I.C.K.E.D." is out today. Why, you may ask, is this exciting news for me to announce? Because on this CD is one of two new videos from the group and I am in it. And my lovely and talented friend Karri Farris did the makeup and FX on the shoot. (with Stephanie Arble, aka, Shorty, whom I do not have a site link for) I make a brief yet disgusting appearance as a victim of a very demented freak of a man played by Monoxide. This video is not for the faint of heart or those who are all gumdrops and sunshine. I must warn you that if you DO want to see it and go all "Oh look, there's Gracie!" it is gruesome and disturbing. Though, oddly enough not to me. I think making films for this long and being a part of some pretty gory scenes has totally desensitized me to this level of "fake" violence. I tried to care that the images weren't awful to me but I just kinda went, Eh and shrugged it off.

I'd be concerned if I reacted this way to real life situations that are horrific, but alas, those still very much affect me. Films or Video though.... I guess to do it sometimes you have to grow a very thick skin about it. Now if I could just have that thick skin for every other scenario you need it for in this business, I'm all set.

I'd much rather everyone go out and support the group by buying the album to see said video but I realize that you'll all be quite miffed if I yap about it and don't post a link. So, here you go, but if you do enjoy it please go out and buy the CD.

Twiztid "HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

One of the other links to this has nearly 8,000 views already! (but you have to log in to see it, flagged for content... see, I told you ^_^)  All extreme violence aside, this was one fun shoot for me. I'd be thrilled to pieces if I could do more like that, it was painless, a breeze, everything you want in a shoot as an actor. And as a fan it was that much more exciting for me. Now I'm off to finish up the short film "Nikki & Eli" and I just in the course of writing this blog got booked for Friday on the set of "Betty Anne Waters" (extra work, but hey, it's work). More news and goodies as this year unfolds, Thank you all for your continued support!!!